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October 21, 2009


Punters blow even more on pokies in Queensland

(Thanks to DavCat)


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I'm pretty sure that's still illegal in Alabama.

You put your right foot in; you take your right foot out...

That sucks.

Sounds to me like "Queen"sland is the right place for it.

Punters blowing pokies is, I am sure, illegal throughout the bible belt.

And probably the bible suspenders, too.

Well, technically, in the Anglo/Celtic pantheon of doofuses, a punter (pronounced POON-ter) is just above a wanker (aka tosser), but well below a boffin. This makes losing money on pokies the exclusive turf of punters, since boffins know better and wankers have no money to lose.

Any questions, please see me after the lecture during my regular office hours.

Padraig, huh?

A punter is also someone poles one of those odd boats on the river at Oxford...

what, no yobs?

I'm holding out for the asbos.

Allen, those Oxford boaters are actually the source of the term, and if you've seen them competing for clients, you'll know why it's an insult.

They're still a notch above yobs and asbos, though, since they have jobs. Sort of.

So three punters beats a pair of yobs and asbos?

I remember "yobs" from Clockwork Orange...and "major-league yobbos" from Animal House!...

As long as they keep me kangaroo tied down, sport, no worries.

OK, punters, wankers, tossers, boffins... freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors. Got it.

Aren't Pokies those fake M&Ms you always got in the Halloween bag?

Pokie? Where's Gumby???
Alright, I'll get on the geezer bus and fade away...

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