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October 22, 2009


No thanks!

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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I think it might depend on who was bottling the product.

Oh, I thought you said drain with the pros.

So, he started doing this even before he'd been kicked in the head repeatedly?

Key unpleasant line: "I really don't recommend it to anyone. It's something my father passed on to me."

imagine the breath... if you dare...

(goes to the can to barf)

curse you, mudstuffin - that's disGUSting
*hugs mud' anyway*

Nah. Tried it once. Tasted like p!$$.

If you do this don't eat asparagus first. btw, urine is sterile.

" I'd like to buy the world a choke... "

Still, it's cheaper than Miller Lite, and both are piss-water.

Yes, but does he also have a s#!t-eating grin?

What's this got to do with pole dancing?

something his father "passed" on to him?

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