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October 20, 2009


Crime-Fighting Leech

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Guin)


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To quote the perp: "That sucks."

Crime Fighting Leech

WBAGNF the newest CSI version.

Let's send it to Washington.

There's a sucker borne every minute.

Engorged Leech WBAGNFARB...or a Stephen Baldwin movie.

It was a set up. Someone took the leech off the suspect, then planted it at the crime scene.

So...where can you buy leeches these days? Siouxie wants to know.

I probably should not refer to my wife as a leech, either.

"when its mouth parts constrict, you must convict"


"it's engorged with your fluids, so we think you did do it."

they poked an elderly lady with sticks while they robbed her?

Whenever Danger threatens!

Whenever Evil strikes!

You will find... The Leech!

Yes, the Leech, with his young sidekick, the Slug, stand between civilization and the cold darkness of anarchy.

Sleep safe, World. The Leech and the Slug stand guard.

That was the "Slimebusters" voiceover -- right, Hammie?

I was thinking of the guy who overdid the "Superfriends" voiceovers.

I'm thinking of a giant salt shaker.

Actually, Hammie, Foxtrot had it the other way around: Slug Man and Leech Boy! See here

Richard beat me to it. Bill Amend should get credit for it.

I think something like that was an episode of CSI: Miami.

Yeah, phelps, I saw that one on one of those CSIs.

Just heard Sid Viscious doing "My Way". Har.

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