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October 24, 2009


(Thanks to catmanmax)


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I heard a similar story some time ago where the wife would walk the dog in the morning and the husband would take the dog for long walks at night. When the wife walked the dog there was one house the dog always wanted to go into. Which of course was the residence of the husband's paramour, who would give the dog treats to keep it quiet during visits.

I thought that might have been an urban legend, but Snopes.com doesn't have anything I can find on it.

Dog Sniffs Out Bitch. Better headline, but not proper.

Man's best friend; woman - not so much.

Naturally, it was a Yorkie. (Am I the only one who got that?)

Yorkie? More like a rat terrier.

Or a snitchhound.

Better yet, a pointer.

Serves her right.

They were in a "passionate clinch" in a public bar? Never mind the dog. Why didn't she just wear a sandwich board announcing her adventures?

Yeah, EVERYONE knows you don't bring a dog to an affair... yeesh!


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