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October 22, 2009


Giant seagull appears behind Nine newsreader Peter Hitchener

(Thanks to Allen at Division, Jeff Meyerson, Janice Gelb and catmanmax)


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He's called a "newsreader" ..? Not a reporter. He just reads the teleprompter. Kind of like politicians. ... wait a minute!

First to welcome our giant seagull overlords!

Seagull doesn't look too happy about Newsreader being center stage.... Course, Newsreader looks like he just sat in the poop.

Howard Hughes built seagulls, not only geese?

Give that newsreader a vacuum cleaner!

Maybe the seagull's regular size and the newsreader is a Lilliputian.

Mine! Mine! Mine!

Good Lord! They've captured the mythical Thunderbird on film!

Good point, bonmot.

Overseas they don't bother with the pretentious "anchorman/woman" thing, they just call them what they are: newsreaders.

Actually the guy looks like someone just told him, "Dude, don't make any sudden moves. There's a giant seagull right behind you!"

He's lucky it was just one.

*snork* @ JM

which reminds me of a question my daughter had at 3 years of age: How come there are seagulls at the dump and pigeons at the beach?

Gulls will be gulls.

Where's the squirrel?

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