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September 23, 2009


Scientists have captured a squid "larger than a New York City Taxi."


(Thanks to Ralph)


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Love that calamari.

...larger than a New York taxi....

but, curiously, less stinky.

And it has more leg room.

Presumably, it also smells as bad.

And cleaner, too.

We're gonna need more pasta and tomato sauce.

As near as I can tell, the St. Augustine Monster washed up on the beach just out from our home back in 1896. Maybe it was this critter's grandpa.

How about a Chicago, LA, or Dallas taxi cab?

I'm bringing the marinara!!!

How did sperm whales get their name?

Just bio-curious.

Little Italy, please, and step on it!

Looks a bit like the one in Dan's new novel.

this happened in July, and we are only now learning of it?? Oh, the calamari.... and it is even after the san gennaro festival.. this is such a failure of our media.

We're going to need a bigger ink well.

Chlour - I wouldn't know about what's in Dan's new novel, because he has my book at his house, which is about 6 miles from MY house. He's signing it for me.


I might need a symbologist to help me track it down. *sigh*

So don't tell me anything!

Dave will sign Dan Brown's new novel for you too if you ask nicely. He's signed several of Carl Hiassen's books for me.

He can also be persuaded to sign the Bible if you bring him beer. Annie told me.

I wonder how much an autographed Bible would go for on eBay?

A wing and a prayer.

It looks like a New York taxi drove over it.

Looks like a New York taxi squidded over it.


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