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September 19, 2009


Wife divorces husband for defecating in pots

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Cook him the stew first.

I'd make the bastid eat it. EWW!!

The new Chamberpot series from T-Fal.

or she needs to hold a crapperware party...

Stick 'im in the scupper!! Raise the mainsail and turn 'er into the wind! ARRRHHHH!!!

Time for a no-faultrt divorce?


Nice to see danceswithvowels back. As for this guy if he were my husband this headline would read, "Wife beats husband with pots after he defecates in them". Then he would go buy me some new pots and THEN I would kick him to the curb. No cook likes a critic. AAAARRRRRRR.

Leftovers again??

I knew a woman who cooks carrots and pees (peas) in thwe same pot. Does that count?

"Oluwakele, I am the MAN of the house! I can poo wherever I want to, WHEN I want to!"

These were the last words of a Nigerian man who up until recently had shown his 'GREAT LOVE' for his wife by using the proper utilities: the crockpot.

Waiter, there's a ____ in my soup.

Not so loud, everyone will want one.

Obligatory: Dumb $h!+.

I'm confused, is she complaining they don't have a pot to p$ss in, or that they do have a pot to p$ss in?

Walk the plank, buddy. And wil you're thinking about your crime, do some dishes.

"Honey...this chicken tastes like sh!t!"

oh yeah..Arrrrrrrrr!

OK somebody i know (not me) might have peed in a pot (a FLOWER pot) once (or twice) but this even i or whoever the flower pot urinator was/is would never do THAT.

Men arrrrrr gross.


This is usually an either/or situation, but this guy did both, evidently. Unless he's still on it.....

*Throws an Arrrrrrrrr in there*

Increasing the dishes workrate - definitely a divorceable offense

ARRRRRRRRR! I hearrrrrd of cookin' in the poop deck...but this be rrrrrrrrrrridiculous!

Hang the scurvy dog from the yarrrdarrrm, I say! Arrrr, me hearties!

ARRRRRR! It wouldn't be "Talk Like a Pirrrrrrrate Day" without me linking to this:

Ahoy! Land be overrrr tharrrrrrrr!

Me thinks she was hopin' for a Cleveland steamerrrrr.

Cap'n Helga - are you our waitress for the evening? If so, I'll have the codpiece.

awfully small, I'd say ...

WTF is that thang on my post?

Apologize in advance for the re-post, but if any one missed it the other day ARRRRHHHH!!!!

Arrrrr.. the blog be possessed

Oh, and by the bye, "Annie o' the Shivered Timbers????" ROFLMAO!!! ARRRHHH!!

Aye, Jazzzz, the bot be over to Davy Jones ghost... Scurvy one, he be... ARRRHHHH!!!

WTF is that thang on my post?

Posted by: Jazzzz | September 19, 2009 at 10:24 PM

TMI, Jazzzz, but there's probably a cream for that.

ROFLMAO at AWBH... "Well, if not a cream, there's probably an app for it..."

I guess their relationship didn't pan out?

I love my Craphalon Cookware.

She's better off with out him. He sounds like a real crap-pot. A psychoceramic.

Thanks AWBH .... "Apply cream rapidly until desired results ..."?

One last half-hearted Aarrr. ( Goes back to sleep )

*snork* @ Jazzzz! nyuk, nyuk, nyuk...

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