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September 22, 2009


(Thanks to Mike)


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Ah ha ha haha! Cool.

I guess this means Dave has finally gotten tired of the squirrel.

All your base are belong to me.

Van Jones likes this!




Aside to Siouxie from last night's thread: I knew the Stadium was a Buffett tie-in (like the man doesn't have quite enough money).

Don't retire the squirrel!!!

At least it wasn't you know who.

What a jerk!

He's a jackass.

Let him try that with me.

Jeff, I KNOW! I believe it goes back to being Dolphin Stadium in a few months. Then we'll see what NEW name they come up with (or sponsor).

To Infinity, and BEYONCE!

At last, proof that Dave has finally Made It in Show Bidness.

Rap does strange things to the brains of dead salmon.

Take that Barry...

I wonder if Beyonce will give Dave's web site his due stage time on her web site, now?

I believe it's supposed to be "Imma let you finish.."

Who's Imma?

*SMACKS* Kanye!! jackass.

Ya know Siouxie, after that game last night, I'd let Kanye play wide receiver if I thought he could catch the ball. He could always open his mouth and let it fall in.

Siouxie I think they should call the stadium "Buddy Stadium". It has a nice, family friendly sound.

Cake Wrecks has a Kanye too...I love the interweb's latest meme. :)

Uh-oh, what happened? I think my computer has been slamming the Hennesey.

Pilot206, Thats a good comment and I'm gonna let you finish. But my friends has the best comment of all time.

I lvoes me some sushi....

*sharpens machete*

Oh yeah?

Whose Responsible This

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