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September 23, 2009


Weird New Ghostshark Found; Male Has Sex Organ on Head

(Thanks to padraig, RussellMc and James)


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I would be proud to have a club-like sex organ on my head.

Yet ANOTHER dick spotted!

Isn't spotted dick an English dessert?

"It's like Christmas. You don't what you're going to get," he said, "but you know it's going to be great."

Douglas Long musta had some kinda weird WTFBBQ comin' down his chimney!

Only two co-posters? I thought this was gonna be sent in by the entire western hemisphere. Is there some other blog that would be even more appropriate for a discussion of, literally, penis-headed males?

'Cause if there is, by jiminy, I should KNOW about it! Heck, it should have my picture on its masthead! So to speak.

The Big Black Chimaeras would be an unlikely name for a 1960s R&B Band.

So calling him a Richard Head wouldn't really be an insult? I'm being politically correct here.

"Ricardo Cabeza" en espanyol.

They say that the brain is the largest sex organ, which explains a lot, I guess.

padraig, I only send stuff in if I think nobody else may have seen it; this one was too obvious, so I didn't bother.

On the other hand I can recall many brief notes from Dave/judi along the lines of, "We already posted that", including one recent one from Dave that went something like, "We already posted that one TODAY"! My bad.

*didn't know her ex was missing*

CJ, jealousy is SUCH an ugly emotion, don't you agree?


So, um, like most men, the shark thinks with his...

Fancy bumping into THAT guy...

So as women are checking out his package he thinks they are looking him in the eyes.

This also blows the theory of blood draining from a guy's head as he gets aroused.

Didn't Dead Pickled Fish open for Razorhead in Seattle?

You can say what you want, mom, said Buffy Ghostshark, but he's got a real head on his shoulders.

That guy owes me money and cut me off on the pike this morning

You really wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of a headbutt from this guy.

let's send him to washington (rimshot)

Time for the bloggers to wake up. Coffee's on and I need to know who wants bacon with their pancakes this morning? Siouxie?


yes, please!

russell I'll give you extra since Siouxie is still asleep.

*shuffles in and grabs coffee and plate of bacon*

*goes back to bed*

Clearly the ghostshark brings new meaning to the phrase, "giving head."

It's obviously due to the need for closer communications between the two heads.

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