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September 19, 2009


(Thanks to Dan Fries)


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Alpaca lunch then . . .

Alpaca wool skirt, MKJ. You be too speedy on them typey keys fer me.

Ugh, I got beat too. Well, alpaca my bags. Will the Dalai Lama be there?

Due to blog policy, I can't make fun of Valaen Clapsaddle.

Alpaca lot o' grog for the trip. ARRRRR!

Alpaca me pantaloons! ARRRRRRRRRRR~!

A number of factors combine to make alpacas an attractable cash cow.

Wait, it is a cow or an alpaca? And attractable - what?

"Every year we're getting more and more as people."

Someone send that writer alpacking!

I dunno, I enjoyed Alpaca Fest a lot more before it got so commercialized. Now stores put up their Alpaca Fest merchandise so early - even before Llama Day, if you can believe it!

Clapsaddle? There is a name for a country band.

Alpacarrrs is just little scurvy camels.

With live news team coverage from Les Nessman!

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