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September 20, 2009


LONDON (Reuters) – British men are becoming increasingly interested in having their eyebrows professionally groomed, according to Debenhams department store which plans to hold men-only "guybrow" nights.

(Thankis to Cynthia)


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Andy Rooney is first in line.

Every Brit boy who doesn't scream during this process gets a shiny new toothbrush. Please use it.

That's a great store, I get all my Guy-liner there!

I'll take a Noel Gallagher straight up!

Don't you just love it when guys coordinate the shape of their hair with the shape of their brows (and the shape of their bent wrist)?

Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Note to any blog guys that are going to try this. It hurts. You have been warned.

*Starts heating up the wax*

Ok boys...who's up for a little eyebrow waxing??


Am I the only one who has no idea what they mean when they compare the celebrity eyebrow styles? I wasn't aware celebrities had eyebrows until now.

Though I can just imagine someone reading that last line, going "Oh, I know! Stallone's eyebrows are like just awful! More like NO-brows, amirite? lol. (read read read) Aw, I love Jude Law. His eyebrows are soooo cute! I wish we could groom each other one day."

I just braid mine.


(maybe just go into the locker room to avoid embarrassment)

For CJrun

Dave,that's not going to look as pretty when it starts growing out.

I think I'll keep my Hobbit-brow, thank you very much. I would never trust a store who solicits customers by saying "Hey, Baby! Would you like to get plucked tonight?

*Joins Doubting Dave*

Does this mean the end of the unibrow? *hopes*

Don't you rag on my Jags. We've got the Cradinals just where we want them. Soon, they will wander off the field, and WHAMMO...we'll fumble.

OK, enough about them for a moment. Now, well into the 3rd quarter, I have worked my way into a new case of beer from my solar beer fridge, out here in the carport. The problem is, they're camouflaged. That means, I keep missing when I reach for my beer, then, when I finally find them, I miss my mouth and pour them down my bare chest. crossgirl better get home soon, or she's gonna have to prop me up for the Bucs game, after she hoses me off.

Cardinals. My fingers were wet, from spilled beer.


*points out, with tedium, that Dave, Meanie, and Annie, are all from New York, 2/3rds of whom found it convenient to finally, just leave*

what would john l. lewis say?

Being a monobrowist, I proudly display my badge. The face gets shaved, but that's it.

insom, he would say, "Get that cat off my head - it's blocking my view!"

My barber has been trimming my brows for years. I've never thought anything about it, except that it keeps me from looking like some kind of Halloween/cartoon creature.

I guess it could be worse.

ummm, dave. that's not for cjrun. that is

rut roh...crossgirl broke the blog...

Actually, if my brows were not trimmed; they would look a little like Jack Nicholson’s do in the Shinning.


Rut Roh? Rut Roh was going to be one of my comments but I thought it was too stupid. Relates to the brows on all those Scooby Do villains.

returns to finish sentence,
that IS cjrun.

ken, I love Scooby ;-P

crossgirl...my condolences, dear.

Annie - iiiiissshhhh.

guys, when you get to the Andy Rooney point -- trim!! Ears, nose, brows!

So easy a caveman can do it.

When sparrows can take up residence in your eyebrows, it's time for some manscaping.

I can't seem to get barbers to leave my eyebrows alone. That's about my #1 reason for leaving barbers (that and Monday hours).

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