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September 24, 2009


A Frenchman was arrested for drunk driving after taking his car to a police station to distribute Alcoholics Anonymous pamphlets there, police said Wednesday.

(Thanks to nursecindy and Jeff Meyerson)


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Sometimes it doesn't pay to chew through the leathers straps to get up in the morning.

*waves at cindy again*

Needless to say, the French police surrendered.

Jeff, I believe we read the same stuff. I wonder if the French police said "sacrebleu un embicile!"

"sacrebleu" = "my socks are blue"?

As a member of AA, for 20 years (15 years sober) let me just say:
I know many members of AA who have done things that are at least this stupid, some far more stupid. Heck, I've done things at least this stupid, but without getting caught. By the police, anyway.

Congratulations wiredog. I think that ,drunk or sober, all of us have done dumb things that we would rather others not know about.

WTG, dog!!

Stoopid is as stoopid does.

btw wiredog. Just curious but do you have any more pictures of you in that scuba diving suit? Siouxie wants to know.

Well, the drunk never gave them his name, ergo he was technically anonymous.

I have a few pics of me in the wetsuit (it's for surfing, not scuba, btw) but not many, as I'm the guy with the camera.

Why did the police have to send for the gendarmes (=National Guard)? Didn't they have anyone at the station to arrest him?

Now now, cindy. You must not be afraid to ask for pictures of the blog boys. They won't bite. (too hard).

Various pics of me from my flickr pages

You haven't changed a bit, dog ;-P

I was almost able to guess the year by your hairstyle too!!

Good pics!

Very nice wiredog. Thank you. Also I like a man in uniform. Especially when it's an Air Force uniform. I grew up in it. My dad is retired USAF, 25 years.


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