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September 21, 2009


Not that there's anything wrong with it.

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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The guy dressed like the tin man looked more like a Hershey's Kiss to me. You go girls, I mean Sox!

Perhaps they are just testing out new unform options for the team. I think the silver one would really look snazzy when accessorized with a mitt and cleats

At least it's better than yankees dress up day

*dives into brain bleach vat*

Does Nike make ruby slippers?




Who are the fins Siouxie?

I distictly remember the scarecrow was a guy. Man it is a long time since I watched that movie.

Thems would be the Miami Dolphins, cindy ;-)

I should have known that. Go FINS!!!

"The Heidi Game" redefined.

TD Dolphins fins to the left fins to the right

talk about yer lipstick on a pig...you can dress 'em up all you want, but you can't take them to the World Series.

What a ripoff. The Yankees made their rookies do The Wizard of Oz two years ago.

This year it was Batman, The Riddler and Catwoman, so watch out for future Red Sox ripoffs.

Did they really name it Land Shark Stadium, Siouxie?

♫Fins to the left...♪.

Oh yeah yanquis fans

I was going to ask the same thing, Jeff. Would that make this the first stadium named after a Saturday Night Live skit?

And he said, "there's no place like home, there's no place like home..."

Verrry fast scoring drive for the Colts--sorry, Siouxie & CJ!


Yep, Jeff. For the beer, not the SNL skit.

crap that is all.

NOW there's crying in baseball.

I don't think we're in Kobe anymore, Toto.

How the h*** does one handcuff an emu?????

Okay. I'm not sure how my emu comment ended up on this topic, but I am sure alcohol must have been involved!



That's a classic, Tony.

Boston? They have a baseball team? And those are their uniforms? And you wonder why NY always wins?

Souxie, you sad this morning? *Go, COLTS!* (ducks the machette)

Don't be cruel, eilbe!!!


*snork* @ tony! Gotta love that Frankenfurter!

That WAS cruel, wasn't it... Especially since I spent the better part of the '70s as a Dolphins fan, before Tampa Bay got a gawd-awful team... *SMACKS* self...

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