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September 23, 2009


(Thanks to Jeff in Moscow, Matt Filar, and Lord Greg)


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Call it what you want. After seeing a picture of it I'm not eating it.

BWAHHHHHAHAHAAH. nice to know they have big idjits across the pond as well. spotted richard, indeed. i wouldnt eat it either. not because of the name. it just looks gross.

It's yummo!

Jeff went all the way to Moscow to send this in??


So, if someone says that antibiotics will clear that right up, he won't be served?

the impression ... that the council might have been 'politically correct' has led to some derision

If only it worked that way over here.

Dumb pommies...here's how the Irish do it.

Spotte Dick proudly rears its head once more!

*toss up a "d"*

Absolutely Annie. My mom made both of those but she just called the last one raisin bread. Wonderful and brings back nice memories. I wonder if Sara Lee makes a thaw and bake version of these?

But it has warned any customers who act in a "childish way" to behave themselves or be refused food.

Uh oh. I forsee some very hungry bloglits in the near future. (Or, if you prefer the Brit way, in future).

No sniggering.

That was supposed to link to this.

Oil well, as we say in Texas. Links aren't working for me these days. But I even got the "enter the scrambled letters" bit on the first go 'round.

I was trying to link to the Monty Python "Biggus Dickus" sketch from the Life of Bryan. Youtube's got it.

Well, if there's no app for that, allow me.

"Accusations of political correctness"...

As Barney would say, when it comes to that kind of nonsense you've got to "nip it in the bud!"

I believe that Gadhafi brought this up in his rant at the UN today.

Thanks, KJP. I'm obviously doing something wrong.

Operative quote: It's a great victory for Spotted Dick and for everyone who makes it.

I hear they have spotted dick on a trail in Germany.

If anything, "spotted richard" is an even more laughable name than spotted dick. In Cockney rhyming slang, a 'richard' is a 'Richard the Third' = turd.

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