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September 24, 2009


Prisoners get drunk on swine flu hand gel

(Thanks to Anil Haji)


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Purell may have been involved.

I was wondering why so many of the hand gell dispensers were disappearing from the reference desk. It explains a lot.

It's a gel of a story.

And BTW: was the writer hitting some of that gel? How many times in that short article was it pointed out that the gel was removed from the prison?

reinds me of my middle school students who used to sniff hand sanitizer

How many ways can a article tell you that something happened?
Storyline -
1. inmates got drunk on alcohol-based liquid soap.
2. prison officials took it away.
3. no matter how many times this writer tries, there is no 3.

We used Vicks Formula 44 back in the day. I was "sick" a lot ;-)

*^5's Braniff.*

Rev. Donovan told us to smoke bananas.

"Don't (hic!) drop the soap!"

Do the prisoners' farts now have a clean, fresh, soapy aroma?

Dana Milbank's Washington Post chats must be popular in prison. He started the whole "drink the Purell" fad.

I think those prison officials should have just removed the hand sanitizer.

Shoddy reporting. I mean, what proof is it? I have to be sure it's going to get the job done.

*wanders off to examine dispenser outside the office*


btw, what's with the little Spirograph looking thing that appears when I first post?


Cowhand, it's judi, trying to convert us to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

cowhand- that's also been discussed numerous times on previous threads. It's Typepad and it goes away after you submit your post.

- On Topic /begin not funny -
I knew a mom whose teenaged boy was sent to an alternative school. She had to drive 6 miles to a bus stop. The bus stop was supposed to have a City police officer there in the morning and afternoons to monitor the students, but that rarely happened. One morning as she dropped off her son, he joined a group of boys smoking pot. She parked near some very tall hedges. Another youth walked right up to the hedge and crawled inside it. A minute later, he emerged with a large bottle of hand sanitizer. He nodded at the mom and walked away to his friends.

Hand sanitizer is not a controlled substance, but that mom could sure make a case for it.
/end not funny

When I was in jail for assault on some bloggers and a humor writer........
Hahahahaha just kidding. I was working in the jail as their nurse. Anyway I had to keep count of the little foil covered alcohol wipes that we used to to wipe peoples arms, or other places, off prior to giving them a shot. Prisoners would steal them to try to get high. I thought about it one day and realized as dry as those things were they would have to squeeze about a thousand of them to get a few sips.

nursecindy -- isn't that the kind of alcohol that will make you go blind?

bonmot is that you? I can't see! I can't see!

I guess you'll have to run your hands over me, then.

Better use some hand sanitizer, bon'.


They may be smoking the dry little alcohol pads.

"This is a lovely Purell Shiraz, it has a strong nose and a slight bite on the pallate. It has notes of elderberry and estringent, but it has a clean finish. The vintage is around halftime of the Monday Night Football game."

Those inmates have nothing but time on their hands.

@MOTW: Thanks. Sorry I missed the previous discussion. It is a scary thing the lengths people (not just kids and inmates) will go to in order to alter their mental state.

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