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September 21, 2009


Get out of the water now.

(Thanks to Barbara A.)


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No mo skinny dipping, Meanie.

Will they eat anaconda? 'Cuz I sense a new horror movie coming out of this - "The Fish that Ate New Jersey vs. the Okeechobee Strangler."

Herrighty told the Times of Trenton the fish does not do well in the northern climate and will probably not survive the winter.

Um, it looks like it's already dead.

Fivver, I think he meant the rest of the piranhas will winter in Miami Beach.

New Jersey? Who'd be in the water in the first place?

Annie, they always do. Now we've even got two of the Kardashian sisters. Oy!

C'mon, people, wise up. You don't think those bodies all just float out to sea, do you?

You don got da money? Howz bout we stick your hand in the Delaware Riva?

At least its nice to see that all the non-indigenous baddies don't all end up down here in South Florida.

I see today that not only do we have pythons loose in the Everglades, now there are lunging, agressive pythons out there too!

...and yes ITWAGNFAPRB!

Oh great. Aquatic lawyers.

A pacu is not a piranha; it is related but is primarily a herbivore, although it will eat small fish and insects. It is not dangerous to people, but quickly outgrows an aquarium unless you like 3-foot long fish in your bathtub.

And an alpacu is a hairy fish that lives WAAAAY high up in the Andes.

Considering everything New Jersey people face every day, why would they fear man-eating fish ?

Was this Piranha Doug or Dinsdale?

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