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September 22, 2009


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Bring on the vertical seating. That would pretty much complete the sardine experience that the airlines are working towards.

Imagine if one has to barf...

THAT would be interesting.

Why not just stack them?

You know what hold the seats. We'll just use poles like on the subway. I'm telling you the passengers won't mind. After all, this will save them 2 or 3 cents on a plane ticket, provided they don't have any bags.

The aisles on the military transports are MUCH wider!...

food carts would not be able to pass down the plane as the aisles are too narrow, so food distribution would be difficult

They'll just need to hire people with a different skill set.

I wonder if this is a publicity stunt. A child is likely to get jarred during takeoff or landing, leading to hefty lawsuits, something you don't have to worry about in the military.

For the lawsuit reason alone, I call lie.

Introducing the new Cattle Class service....

I think they missed some places where they could have hooks to hang people on.

"Attention Passengers flying on flight 666. We will begin boarding with the tallest passengers and handicapped passengers first. Please lie down and form a stable base. Medium sized passengers next followed by small. Children will then be used to fill in any gaps. Thank you for flying Ass-hat Air."


No really...gimme my shotgun and I'll hurt whoever came up with this bright idea.

Just think! You too can now sit for hours and hours facing some nitwit that you avoided in the waiting area. They should pass some of these out.

Well then, by all means, let's legalize cell phones to go along with the new seating.

Hey, actually, you know I would go for the standing seating option if it meant a free flight. I travel to Vegas sort-of-frequently and it's only an hour flight. If I didn't have to pay that extra $150.00 for a round-trip ticket, that might be worth standing for an hour.

That face-to-face seating has got to go, though.

The good news is the seats do not face the screen, so you are not forced to watch "Paul Blart: Mall Cop".

The easy solution would be to heavily sedate all the passengers... then you could pile them anywhere....

I would be OK with this.

Elon - there have been many children on airplanes whom I'd LOVE to put in jars.

No seatbacks. No overhead bins. No video screens. I'd pay $1 for that kind of luxury.

In first class, all the seats face away from each other.

*snork* @ CJ!

That's fuyny.

I'd like to upgrade, please.

It is also funny.

That's enough wine for Siouxie.

awwwwwww mom!!!!

Siouxie is going to need that wine if she plans on getting on one of those planes.

Looks like a Junior High dining hall.

I like when they say that if you don't want to fly the cheap, face-your-neighbor way you can pay extra to fly the old-fashioned-seating way. What they don't tell you is that you'll have to wait until the one single plane in their entire fleet that hasn't been converted to the new seating style is assigned to the route you want to fly. Good luck with that happening before they convert *that* plane, too.

Two words...

"That sucks."

For the standers, they said they'd have bar stools. Does this mean they'll have an open bar, too? I mean, a free flight and all the booze you can drink in under an hour... Might work!

Um, would I have to sit facing anyone in the loo? I'm hoping that I could still sit down in there....Judi doesn't allow hovering.

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