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September 21, 2009


BRYAN, Texas — A man who was apparently was upset after finding a soda can in his room allegedly used a sword to cut two of his roommates

(Thanks to Siouxie and Anil Haji)


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Got carried away with the pirate thing.

A man who was apparently was...???

Is our editors was learning??

He'd never make it in a fraternity house. Does no one proof read their work anymore???

What, a sword and not a gun? What's with Texas these days?

They're lucky no one moved his cheese.

Wounded? This man needs sword lessons. Alas for John Belushi...

I can give him a few pointers, Allen.

Sword...machete...same diff.

If leaving a soda can in your housemate's room were grounds for a sword attack, neither I nor any of my roommates would have survived a semester. For a soda can to even get our attention it would have had to have been filled with barf and perched over the door to fall on our heads.

Would he have behaved differently if they had left a beer can?

Siouxie, I'm sure your machete hacking and slashing techniques are beyond reproach. Call me if you want to learn about thrusting...

(Yes, I can fence...)

You now know everything that you need to know about the Texas Aggies.

It's nice that you know how to build a fence Allen but do you know how to use a sword? Oh yeah, *SMACKS* Allen for Siouxie.

Wasn't that what got Clarence Thomas in trouble?

No, but it was a close shave.

My afternoon-dyslexic interpretation: Used a sword to cut his roommate in two.

Time to stop staring at the monitor...

Heck, there's a guy at Hopkins who cut a burglar's hand clean off with a katana.

*note to self: no longer TLAP Day.

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