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September 21, 2009


We're guessing he's single.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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He's undergoing plastic surgery so he can look like sexy monkey? I'm guessing he's gonna remain single, but be very popular at the primate house at the zoo.

We're gonna need a lot more wax.


Hair-suitism is a perfect way to describe that condition.

Brings bucket of wax. Siouxie you'll have to hold him down. I'd go for him (not) but I've already told Annie she could have him.

No, random - he's undergoing plastic surgery to prove he can act.

All he needs is a combover and he'll look just like my Uncle Larry.

Annie? Is Uncle Larry single?? cindy wants to know.

Prime mate, ladies?

Annie, I wanted to know because Siouxie asked me.

Now, now, girls, no monkey business.

"I am going to have surgery to get rid of the hair and facial plastic surgery to make myself look more like a pretty monkey..."

With enough wax, I guess he could now be known as the Brazilian Monkey.

*Tosses Layzee a buncha bananas*

Somewhere, Charlton Heston is screaming.

Touch my monkey?

Doesn't Geico do business in China?

Send him to Illinois. We need more pretty monkies. Da Bears is falling down on the job.

"I just want to prove to them that I have talent and I don't need this hair to be someone," he said.

Speaks for all of us, doesn't he?

just a side note... h's not single.
His girlfriends (past and present) were quite pretty. Check this out: one of his girlfriends
Current squeeze: air stewardess. It's quite amazing what a good head of hair can do.

I thought all the Monkees were supposed to be pretty cute.

*heads toward the line for the geezer bus*

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