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September 20, 2009


A nightlife Mecca.

(Thanks to Jenny Kellner)


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Night of the Living Dead. Interesting way to fund raise.

City Zombie March -- didn't they open for Twisted Sister?

What has happened to the Children Of The Corn?

Did any of them talk like pirates? WERE any of them (formerly) pirates?

Inquiring ducks...

*lurches forward, arms outstretched, to set timer on coffee machine*

How can you tell them from the other Iowans?

Makes note not to ask Annie what she thinks about people from North Carolina.....btw Annie, my brother just got back from California and he loved it. He was in Sacramento. I've offered to help him pack if he would like to move there permanently.

“Why wouldn’t you like doing this?” Hendon said. “How many other times a year can a grown man throw fake blood on himself?”

six, so far. and counting.

nursecindy - I like country. I just don't care for flat. NC got enough going on to keep me busy. But Iowa, Kansas, etc....I just kept on drivin'. zzzzz

Iowa flat? What about those gaping canyons like Kirk nearly drove into in the last Star Trek film?

That reminds moi of my "AMEN (hotep IV, that is)"

These zombie stomps remind me of an MST3000-type book I had that rated old horror movies. One zombie movie decided that, since guys are usually buried in their business suits, the zombies should all wear business suits. So here's all these glassy-eyed insurance salesmen stumbling around. The book had a picture of them with the caption, "Night of the Living Dads."

*snork* @ Padraig!

I've had dates like that- "Night of the Living Dud."

Any word on the French?

Nope, Sioux. Just a white flag waving from a foxhole, and the slight scent of dampened undies.

LOL Annie. Figures.

I'm just waiting for a Michael Jackson sighting. Won't need too much makeup. (*packs handbasket*)

Thriller in Iowa? Maybe Stephen King and Dave could collaborate on a book....

A commenter from Iowa pointed out that there are 22 photos at the website of a competing paper if you're curious: http://gazetteonline.com/local-news/2009/09/19/22-photos-the-4th-annual-iowa-city-zombie-march

Bettendorf Community School District defrauds Citizens of honest services, taking federal dollars for "programs" like ESL for kids who speak English as a PRIMARY language. This has been a long standing practice without any oversight. Educated idiots rule here in Iowa.

Iowa's Judiciary is CORNY. Look at Scott Co. case LACE112272 (now Iowa Supreme Court case#10-0344) Scott Co. "Judges" sided with an alleged child molester, Craig Pantzlaff, who found an unscrupulous lawyer (Geo. Goebel) to file a frivolous claim without having to produce one shread of evidence. He claimed Maria's downspouts (which are within City Code) are causing "severe land erosion" and threatens his "long existing fence." The fence is neither within City Code nor is it "long existing." The fraudulent "judges" refused to hear any of Maria's pleadings (over 20 papers filed) unless she paid money to one of their officers of the court. This is extortion under color of law and NO OVERSIGHT (FBI, Judicial Qualifications Commission, IS S.Ct....) It's been well over 30 days since Maria filed her proof brief AND NO Reply brief has been filed! These "Judges" are operating under the influence of High Fructose Corn Syrup in a culture of corruption, Good ol boy style. Yahoo!

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