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September 16, 2009


He's a chicken-licker.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Why do I get the notion that this guy will one day move to the United States and run for Congress???

Crikey...I've known yobs to go farther than that before placing the bird back on the shelf

geezer alert
Ah'm pickin' ... an Ah'm grinnin'!

You knew the job was dangerous when you took it.

Funny, but when I ring for special service at the meat counter, I always asked for the prelicked chicken.

Wouldn't licking raw meat be potentially more hazardous to the "licker" that to a shopper who is going to cook the darn thing?

He can always get a nice gig down at the Center for Disease Control testing bird flu vaccines. Great pay and he already knows part of the procedure.

Someone needs to give him one of these for Christmas.

RE: nursecindy's link

Salmonella gots eyes??

It's Chickin' Lickin' good!

Tastes like raw chicken?


I get the feeling he's not gonna get the special employee parking spot.

coulda been a chicken-flicka.


well, there is such a thing as "finger-lickin'" so why not "chicken-lickin?"

RE: nursecindy's link

Salmonella gots eyes??

Now we'll have to kill her.

HIPAA regulations prevent me from saying that I once worked with this man... Obviously, I didn't do a great job, but...

And nursecindy's got it right, folks... Salmonella sees all, perceives all: flesh, bone, and sinew...

Oh, and ARRRRHHHH!!!

If a man can't lick a chicken what kind of a man is he?

Bring it on Salmonella. As a nurse I've helped to kill your kind before. I have an IV bag of antibiotics and I'm not afraid to use it! Salmonella are always so gram negative.

*SNORKS!!!* at nursecindy...

Guys on the site, do your realize we now have to deal with BOTH Siouxie's machete and nursecindy's IV bag????

Ohhhh, nooooooo!!!! (Think Tim Allen on Home Improvement...)

Let me guess...he's single? A great catch for some lucky gal.

Performance art,perhaps?

And people think I'm weird. Woah.

Actually, Tash, ummm, yes, you go even beyond this... (Just KIDDING!!!)

Methinks Black Tom Read is getting BOTH the machete AND the IV bag...

Can I take the plank, instead???


RIP, Mary Travers... Thank you for letting many generations nestle with Puff in Hannalee!!


I've heard of choking your chicken, but I would think licking it requires extraordinary abilities? Don't want to consider what diseases other than salmonella poisoning you could give yourself...

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