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September 22, 2009


Barney Fife meets 2009 technology

(Thanks to Jonathan Carl)

Update: Barney Fife meets Jack Bauer?

(Thanks to Kirk in Texas and ed chebret)


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I've heard that there's an old saying, "There's no time...like o-time!"

; )

I didn't get the memo about today's theme, or I would have dressed for the occasion.

You don't have to be Rumpole of the Bailey to see a chance to bowl over the prosecution.

So who won?

Surpri! BOOM!

The Wii is all about the exercise, hence the jumping around...

The name's Friday.
I work Narcotics.
It was an ordinary raid.
Mid-level dealer, standard warrant.
My hook was bad that day.
Splits every other frame.
The perp?
He was busy that day.

Wii are not amused.


Good one, Meanie.

I, on the other hand, are amused by Meanie's post.

But did they arrest the gutter snipe?

Cut 'em some slack. They had a lot of spare time.

And since when are chops illegal in Florida? What's next, illicit sirloin?

Sometimes cops having fun can aid in an arrest.

Darn. I was going for the story where the cop, in searching for the perp in a dark building, said "Marco?". The perp answered -- you guessed it.

Shall I make it a Barney Fife trifecta? I give you the tale of a British police firearms instructor (!) who can't even be trusted with the one bullet Andy let Barney carry:

A police firearms instructor accidentally gunned down a civilian worker during a classroom demonstration after failing a training course, a court heard.

PC David Micklethwaite, 52, blasted telephone operator Keith Tilbury at point blank range after mistakenly loading a live round into a 'Dirty Harry' style .44 Magnum revolver.
The victim was taken to hospital where doctors performed life-saving surgery on his bowel and kidney...

Micklethwaite, a firearms instructor with Thames Valley Police, faces a massive fine after admitting breaching Health and Safety laws.
He shot Mr Tilbury while attempting to show civilian recruits how the chamber spins in a Magnum made famous by Clint Eastwood.

The whole article has to be read to be believed, but this has to be the money quote:

In a statement read to the court, Micklethwaite, who had been a Thames Valley officer for 30 years, issued a 'heartfelt apology' to Mr Tilbury.

He said: 'My intentions on the day were to give the best possible presentation to the class.'


(Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1214491/Police-firearms-teacher-shot-civilian-Magnum-classroom-failed-instructor-course.html#ixzz0RtBYo7RC)

Bad idea to play practical jokes on armed people.


A Wii bit embarrassing I'd say, eh?

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