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September 17, 2009


You need this.


(Thanks to padraig)


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Well, that's one way to do it.

BRILLIANT! It even has room for my box-o-wine.

This is why America is Great, and why The Terrorists hate us. Only in America would such a brilliant idea come to fruition, and the Terrorists know they can never have anything like that. Their nihilism and close mindedness prevents it.

It is why we shall, in the end, prevail.

Here, here Wiredog.

Let's hope he upgraded the brakes for those downhill runs.

I'm taking up biking.

I love it. Now, how about a model with a working grill for smoking ribs?

I am SO moving to Portland. I don't even care whether it's Portland, Maine or Portland, Oregon; I'm there, baby!

Where's the Direct TV dish??

Portland seems a little smug.

Those tires must be 10,000 psi.

That's the difference between us, Cheesie. When I looked at that picture, I wondered about the keg pressure.

Gotta be Portland, OR... It's the semi-official home of the Biker-Creativity-Rules Club. I mean, between Toaster and Jamie...plus this guy!...hands down!!!!

Hey Firefly, That is one of Jamie's bikes! The rider is his business partner.

As a smug Portlander I plan to buy a beer from this bike at the very first opportunity, and any other opportunities that follow.

And that level of innovation is why Portland (the one in Oregon, not Maine) has always been on the top of my list of places to move to should I be able to move some day. Hey, we already own two Priuses so we've got the smug (and smog) down, already!

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