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September 20, 2009


Meet Bob. He's single!


(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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As long as he doesn't fall on you. Oh, not in Florida, so nevermind.

"Meat Bob." Bob's gonna have to find a parking meter that turns him on. Or a Prius with really good shock absorbers.

"No Fat Chicks"

Was that unfortunate, or intential squirrel placement?

Blob... ?

Cover up, little squirrel!


I already have a BOB but thanks anyway.

That's just bull.

Brokeback mountin'? Definitely something WWT.

Guess he'll have to settle for artificial insemination. Meanie has generously volunteered to get Bob bobbin' along...

Funny but large critters tend to get named "Bob". We have a 35LB cat (not a typo) we named Bob because that's about what a bobcat weighs.

Snork @ Brokeback mountin.
Though I do feel sorry for the gals that made the ultimate sacrifice in the attempt to pass on this guy's DNA.

"Bob". Now that's a great Malaysian name. Someone go make fun of him. You go first.

Is Bob the bull or the squirrel?

Interesting idea from the article --

A family saloon car.

Normally, bulls are tolerated because they're good for one thing. Why keep feeding this one?

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