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September 21, 2009


Police tase, handcuff emu

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Chet Ensign)


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I didn't even know that emu's had hands. Nice to see Jeff back.

I hope they throw the book at him. Set an example to the other emus.

Well, that sounded pretty silly.

Then I came across this story where the cops in Merced, California apparently tasered and handcuffed an unarmed double amputee in a wheelchair.

Maybe the emu got off light...

An emu was seen on the interstate,
Having had too much of a breakfast plate,
The cops found no hands,
So they bound it with bands,
And were unable to predict its fate...

They probably did that to keep it from cutting itself and hanging out at the mall smoking clove cigarettes.

Oh wait, they said emu. Sorry.

Wayward Emu opened for Olivia Newton-John in '87.

Thanks, cindy.

As birds go, Donald (Don't Tase me Bro) Duck was once tased and cuffed for not wearing pants in public. Witnesses couldn't recall if he had hands or not.

My new " Master Chef Home Taser " makes great Emu, guaranteed... or your money back !

Let me try this again...

How the h*** does one handcuff an emu????

*fires taser*


smells like chicken...

"oooooooooooooh, electrocuted!"

Oooh! Does anyone remember those electrocuting hot dog cookers? I loved those in the days before microwaves.


God, I'm old.

Scott - I made one as a science project...

*boards geezer bus and opens hotdog concession booth*

One electrocuted hot dog, please.

You want chili on that?

*hooks up several tiny electrodes to beans*

This story started out with TWO emus. Did one drop a dime on his buddy and skate? Is there no honor among emus?

Those'd be refried beans, Tony?

Has bail been set?

Proper chili doesn't have beans. It could have emu, though.

Maybe they put the cuffs on the bird's ostriched wings.

*snorks* @ Besty and Bucky.

Bonmot...yes. Definite *snorks* @ Bucky

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