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September 19, 2009


The Horse Head Pillow


(Thanks to Brian Duval)


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And the base of the neck has a strawberry jam dispenser!

Act now we'll throw in FREE a case of dog food!

I'm holding off till they come up with a squirrel head pillow.

I'm guessing these are only selling well in N.J.

And in New York.

"Ah, Khartoum, Khartoum..."

Oh, and ARRRGGHHH!!!

Can ANYONE tell me what is up with the bot, recently?? I still think, "Keelhaul 'im, and the rest of his lot!!!" AAARRRGHHH!!

First of all I'd have to be pretty mad at somebody to spend $45.00 on a stuffed horses head with a mean note. AND I'd want to be there to see their reaction. Actually I think it's kind of cute in a strange way.
Again, AAAAARRRRRRRRR ya'll. I'm from the South Pacific.

They'd have the entire horse, but I already hoisted its' petard!!


Yarrr (hack, spit), me in-laws lives in Horseheads NY. I want one of those for me scurvy wench.

A horse walks into a baaaarrrr and the baaarrrtender, noting the stitches and poorly matched coat, says, "Why the wrong face?"

Horse walks into a bar.

This is what happens when the bar is very sharp.

Husband: Honey, you said you wanted a quarter horse for your birthday. I picked the front quarter.

Anyone know where I can find a stuffed Jimmy Hoffa?

Yes. Under a goal post at the Meadowlands. Just dig where the grass is slightly greener....

Wilbur always told me I had a good head on my shoulders.

Now, it's detachable!

(Sorry, I can't let bad puns go to my head. But Wilbur says I'm being a neigh-sayer.)

Let me know whinny gets back home. I'd like to stay up and chat with you all, but I'm a little horse tonight.

I wonder if they could use my input in a gallop poll?

Remember the mane! And the tail!

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