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September 21, 2009


Cousin mistook partner for squirrel in hunting accident

(Thanks to DavCat)


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Be vewwwy quiet. We're hunting pwans.

Obviously his partner is a terrorist!

.... Schraufnagel said that in every hunting accident he’s investigated, one of the four rules of hunting has been broken. In this case, the rule was “know your target” by positively identifying what you plan to shoot....

I'm guessing that the cousins knew each other, so I'm not sure where the rules were broken.

Odd that it wasn't a shotgun for squirrel hunting.

If they're really good, they go squirrel noodlin' like Jethro Boudine. (Increase alert to def-geezer 3)

Dangit. Missed again!

Sounds like Ge Vang has been taking hunting tips from Dick Cheney.

The Squirrelizer pixel scale must have been on overload! (Sounds like a 1950's movie: The Squirrel That Walks Like A Man! )

So he thought it was a 5-foot tall squirrel?

Who among us doesn't have squirrely cousins?

In southern Wisconsin, we only shot at squirrels up in trees. (If you say Ge Vang fast, it sounds like a shot.)

Maybe he had hair like Donald Trump.

Hey, my blue Flying Spaghetti Monster avatar went away, replaced by a green Spirograph.

Take out your guns, start off in different directions, turn, and shoot.
What could possibly go wrong?

@NotSherly: Exactly! Just ask Alexander Hamilton.

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