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August 21, 2009



(Thanks to Brian Clay)


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Ok...NOW I'm jealous. judi gets all the cute fuzzy guys in kilts.

(nice job, Brian)

Judi looks entirely too happy to be standing next to that squirrel in a kilt. But then again I think most anything looks better in a kilt.

And where is Judi's hand?

Hammie, by the look on the squirrel's face...I'd say she's goosing him.

nice sporran, I guess he hide his nuts there

"What's that hairy thing in your kilt?"

"I told ya ta stop peeking."


I thought it was judi's beaver.

I've seen what he has under his kilt on Fark.

Is that a couple of nuts under your kilt, or are you just happy to see me?

This is for Judi. Double *SMACKS* for Layzeeboy. Siouxie is that machete close by??

I had no idea Judi was into furries.

Looks like the dinner scene from "On Majesty's Secret Service."

Cracks me up to no end that the animal in the "Squirrelizer" is, in fact, a groundhog. :P

Squirrel or Groundhog?

YOU decide!

I believe his name is Phil...

And this little bugger would be Rocky...

Wahdoyathink Ron?

It's a Columbian Ground Squirrel./wiki/Columbian_Ground_Squirrel
The woodchuck or groundhog is just a large ground squirrel that is closely related.

This has been your taxonomic nitpick of the day.

Oops, that first link should be this.

Can't claim to be the SquirrelQueen, though.

That title's already taken:


Huh, Thank you Ralph for your furry fun facts.

Here in Miami, we've heard of Columbian neckties, but not too many Columbian ground squirrels.

bonmot's first link. sorry I couldn't find the second one.

OK, I concede the point. :P A Columbian Ground Squirrel, eh? Never heard of them, let alone seen one... and supposedly they are in my part of the country. Odd!

Looks more like a Richardson's Ground Squirrel, imho ... but then, I've never been to Columbia ...

I saw the Columbia River when I wuz in Oregon ... does that count?

... and ... the Squirrelizer person sez it's "a marmot" ...

Isn't "marmot" French (marMO ... ?) for ... um ... "pest" ... ?

Now this is a marmot according to Wilkepedia anyway. Marmot loosely translated from French means mountain mouse.

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