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June 14, 2009


Naked rugby.

(Thanks to and Bill Moore and Horace LaBadie)

Vaguely Related Item: Police in Dunedin have confiscated a French rugby fan's rooster. The story does not say whether it is a naked rooster. But we are confident that there will be jokes in the comments involving another term for rooster.


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dave posted this?

"dave posted this?"
My thought exactly, insomniacthebirthdayboy. I was surprised not to se Judi on the 'posted by' line.
Thanks Dave.

For the record, a rooster, or more correctly, a cockerel, is the emblem of the French national rugby team.

Naked rugby is a lot more difficult to play than the clothed version. In naked rugby there's really only one place where one can get a good grip in a tackle, and any manly man wouldn't be seen dead gripping another man in that place.

Gives a whole new meaning to a "knock-on"...

As to the second post, "I come to pick up my rrrooster" sounds like a euphemism. And with the way he trilled the "r," I'd wonder if alcohol was STILL involved? Also, "the Unsociable Beasts" WBAGNFARB.

Does it rhyme with alarm clock?

Aren't cocks roosters always naked??

Also..."The Naked Cocks" wbagnfa male stripper show.

Rugby players have a tradition of taking off their jersey/shirt after a score. What do naked ruggers take off?

I have to say I would watch this if they broadcast it in the U.S. Mot, do you play???

Oneblankspace, you're confusing rugby players with footballers, rugger players don't take there jerseys off after scoring on the field. Scoring off the field is another matter entirely.

Nursecindy, I used to play at school and University, many years ago.

"Hands in the scrum" or "reaching in" IS a penalty in rugby... jus' sayin'...

*Refuses to stoop so low as to point out that the French team's mascot is a chicken*

"Has anybody seen my c*ck?"

I suspect fowl play.

I too join the chorus of the amazed (GNFARB) who can't believe Dave posted this and not Judi.

Why wouldn't Dave post this? It's about a ball game.


Why do "manly men" always think of the gayest things to do?

How will the cockless Frenchman doodle do?

"He was getting a bit wobbly on it and we were getting a bit concerned about the rooster..."

He must have been a wee Frenchman to be wobbly on the rooster.

and how many hundreds of pictures did they shoot to get enough sans dangly bits to publish?

Watch out for the All-Blacks. They have a team chant that roughly translates as: Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Ruby is tough enough to play with a uniform. I refuse to try without clothing. Mostly, as Mot pointed out, tackling by runts like me is impossible without the ball carrier wearing a rugged jersey to desperately grasp.

*stares at image #8*

Is that an actual rugby move??

wingpup, I found image # 8 a little strange myself. I don't know much about rugby but I know you wouldn't see that in American football. I was partial to image # 6. Mitch, wouldn't the ball carrier still have something to grasp onto even without the jersey? Or would that be a personal foul?

Wing and Cindy, rugby CAN put people in some strange positions awkward situations, even if wearing a uniform. As Mitch points out, I'm sure it creates even more of these if the people are naked. Mitch, being a runt sane like you, this would never have entered my mind when I played, either.

(Not to mention the fact that I played hooker!)

The All Blacks chant that Mitch had mentioned is called the haka.

The haka has been adopted by many college football teams in the US.

And I thought being forced to do a zulu warrior after my first try was bad.

As a former prop, I would like to know what the seconds held onto when they formed a scrum.

Obligatory: leather balls and and that.

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