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June 18, 2009


The SpamWow! at Beaver's.


(Thanks to Danny)


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Okay, that's almost as gross as the mouse story and I love bacon.


"Smoking the Spam really did impart a gravitas it would not have had otherwise."

I always ask the waitress to hold the gravitas. It upsets my stomach.

There was a tornado near the Spam capital of the world Austin MN., last night!

My mother had a gravitas boat she got as a wedding present. She never used it.

So that would be "spam, spam, eggs, bacon, and spam"? Not enough spam.

Whatever you do, do NOT order the Curry SpamWow.

"It's just a big ol' pile of protein!" chirped the waitress.

Especially if you top it with some tikka masala sauce from Asda.

Whoa! Major small-rodent simul @ 11:07.

Beaver Spam with Mousala Sauce


Trust theres nothing wrong with eating a Beaver. I don't suggest putting Spam on it.

*rubs paddle together and charges up the defibrillator*


The "Squealin' Mary" to wash it down sounds great!

Margaritaville, I'd say it's more disgusting than the mouse story.


They should get the quadruple bypass burger and fries made in real lard at the Heart Attack Grill instead. After all, they have real (fake) nurses standing by.

Yeah, CBS Sunday Morning reran the Bill Geist piece about the Heart Attack Grill. He finished off the Quadruple Bypass burger. 8000 calories.

Horace means this...

(only without the @#!@ commercial...)

Actually, the stuff doesn't look bad to me (and that's a scary thing).

What's a Beaver's? Jeff, I'm certified in defibrillation so if you, or anyone else, decides to eat one of these let me know. I'm a real nurse.

I'm not a real nurse. I just play one sometimes ;-P

*puts on the latex gloves and takes out the thermometer*


Catman, I agree with you, my arteries are way too valuable to waste them on Spam...

Ya know, the Texans always make good stuff.

The sandwich looks like it's sticking its tongue out.

I love bacon with cholesterol nuggets as much as the next guy, and I could feel my arteries constricting just looking at that picture.

The owner/chef, Monica Pope, who also runs a fine dining establishment, has a great sense of humor. A proud lesbian, I think it's hysterical she named her casual establishment "Beaver's". She's got a cocktail on the menu called a "Beaver Lick". I am NOT making that up!

The food and drinks are all great, by the way. Now I'm going to have to go for brunch.

I wonder if I could get her to substitute Scrapple for the Spam . . .

its too bad i had to do the angioplasty thang and trade in my smokes for lipitor ... and all that yummy stuff for, well, less yummy stuff. but knowing what it does to the arteries, i'll say pass the boca burger please. sigh.
i saw a site out there also called- this is why youre fat - google it. its got the heart attack grill and other fine establishments...
i promise, when i'm 90, i'm going back to greasy food and cigs.

queensbee, I love that site (this is why you're fat).

I linked to it a while ago but it never hurts to go back and revisit the classics.

Hickory smoked spam. Fire up the grill.

Left out the deep fry step.

Hey! I've actually made one of those myself - with hickory-smoked Spam - and, although it may not look terribly appetizing, it was quite tasty.

Things like that are probably why I gained 40 pounds after I quit smoking...

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