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June 10, 2009


Moonlit manatee beach orgy attracts peeping toms to Lauderdale-by-the-sea

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Sea cows are such trollops . . .

Spring break happens late in the manatee world.

"Second, McIntee said, males chose her because she was larger and had wider hips than most females.

Manatee males, it seems, like 'em voluptuous."

Good ole boy manatees???

This reminds me of my vacation at Myrtle Beach, SC a couple of years ago. Good times.


Miami Herald Staff Writer"

Dave, does everybody at your paper write like this?

*envisions lighthearted Dave Barry-influenced atmosphere at the Miami Herald*

uh, has anyone seen Oldmanatee lately?

Shhh, Steve. He's resting.

It really should be noted that Moonlit Manatee Beach Orgy has a definite ring to it. Maybe it could be the name of the debut album of the WBAGNFARB friendly Belle of the Night.

Wow, this spammer is really more annoying than most, parroting things people say in a previous post. Yeah, that's gonna sell your $h!t!

Having a good day M'ville?

Wasn't this one of the old Gidget movies, "Manatee Beach Orgy Bingo?"

surrounded by an adoring throng

I thought it said "adhering thong"

Horace, I believe you're thinking of that great John Goodman movie, "Manatee"...

NurseCindy, I am thank you very much! And you?

I misread that as an orgy taking place down at Manatee Beach. (zips back up)

M'ville it's just another day in paradise here in Shelby.

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