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June 08, 2009


There's a lot going on. We don't really understand what any of it is, but there is definitely a lot of it.

(Thanks to Wilco)


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Apparently, if we video ourselves while "looking for the duraglit" in our sheds and send it in to them, then Joe Strimmer will be happy.

And that's good enough for me.

There can never be too many shed stories.

Horace! You really are bad. I read this article twice and I'm still not sure what it said. The only thing I know about sheds is it's where I keep my lawnmower. I'm always hesitant about going in the shed because of any potential, not so cute, wild life that may be hanging out.

my dog sheds all year. is that a problem?

Any neighbor who had a shed when we were kids, we used to climb them (the sheds) and jump off. Never progressed to office towers or anything, just sheds.

Sheds are serious business, people, and I don't see any reason for mockery.

Yes, I too am aware there is a lot going on and I also am the last person to know what it is.

Make yourself scarce, "Two Sheds". This studio blog isn't big enough for the two of us!

As everyone knows, I do not like the nickname given to me by others but thanks for passing along the link. I need to add a new one to my collection.

if any post just cried out for arthur two sheds jackson... well, there it is.
you dont often get that in a blog.

Make yourself scarce, "Two Sheds". This studio blog isn't big enough for the two of us!
We interviewers are more than a match for the likes of you, 'Two Sheds'.

Oh, you've really got my dander up now you host you.

:: picture of two sheds is projected behind The real Arthur Jackson ::

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