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June 26, 2009


Acedemics and Atheletics

(Thanks to Braniff)


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Acedeing to the other team is an important lesson.

Dog is on they're side.

They forgot "Always give a hunnert and ten percent."

Ace of a job there, dudes.

As a Georgia native I am embareassed.

Not quite a ringing endorsement for home scoholing.

Was alocahol involved?

Cindy--if you're really embareassed, I want a picture... *G*

*SMACKS* Allen. I'm beginning to think he likes it.

The list went on:

174: Speling

Don't these people know how to use Smellcheck ?

At least they have there priororities strate.

good thing they didnt point the finger and say that your not good at spelling.

So, if all teams are playing for God, is winning more a matter of predestination or being holier-than-though?

Natinals farm team. Sorta.

It is a shame that the spelling gets in the way of the fine message.

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