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June 18, 2009


Killer Slugs

(Thanks to Dr. Doug)


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ugh. that's more disgusting than the curried mouse AND spamwow! pass the salt!

Alcohol needs to be involved.

Step back! It's viscous!

Clam down Danny! sheesh.

Has France surrendered yet??

*Pictures these on front page of the Daily Sun with 42-point type and "From Outer Space!" added*

Siouxie - They're trying to decide wether to surrender or eat them.

If they really "put their foot down" it will make a really disgusting mess.

queensbee, I prefer garlic on mine.

I hear they're great marinated in beer.

With all this rain, I have slugs on my plants and mushrooms in my lawn. Enough for all of France.

Hell, France surrendered so they could get the free meal. BTW, lots classier looking than the gelatinous slugs we have here.

I had a friend from Michigan, where they never heard of slugs. On her visit, she stepped out into the yard barefoot........

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