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June 18, 2009


Residents Wage War On Noisy Bar With Panties

(Thanks to Mike Peel)

Update: Vaguely related item here.

(Thanks to queensbee)


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The bar has panties?

I'm sure this will attract a classier clientele to the bar.

The residents have formed a panty coalition, stringing up soiled panties, briefs, bras, - and even some ginormous granny panties - in plain view of the bar, sending a clear message to patrons that not only do people live in those neighboring apartments, but they also need to do laundry.


eww is right, Siouxie. Where do they get the soiled panties and why am I asking when I don't want to know the answer?

Can my cat help?

If I had a noisy bar with panties in my neighborhood I'd probably protest too. But I don't think doing it WITH panties is the right approach. Are the bar's panties dirty too? Is that the point?

Turn 'em inside out to show the skidmarks?

Neil Diamond wrote a song about this.

Thong Thung blue

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