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June 08, 2009


(Thanks to catmanmax)


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Will Gaddafi share his women with Obama? If so, is Obama obliged to reciprocate?

Wow, that breaks my record.

Only by 699 . . .

Division's Allen asks to meet 700 blog women...

Just think blog guys. 700 women asking if you've put the seat down, if you're listening to them, do these pants make their butts look big, do you like the other 699 better than them, etc. Still sound like a dream come true? Of course I don't act that way.

Cindy--I'm pretty sure the Glorious Leader has ways of disposing of troublesome concubines that aren't available to the rest of us...

Gaddafi, who has a women-only corps of bodyguards...
AKA, the Fembots.


"pitching his tent is routine on foreign visits by the nomadic-born Libyan leader"

*ahem* 700 women? I'd hope it's routine by then!

Allen -- "troublesome concubines that aren't available to the rest of us " -- just as well!

I think most European women would want to be saved *from* Gaddafi and not saved *by* him.

Set up his tent? I think they mean he wants to pitch a tent with the unlucky 700.

Every time I hear his name I think Gaddafi Gaduck


700 women? No way. Eventually it gets sore.

He can't use eHarmony like everybody else?

I think Bill Clinton is saying, "Hill, we need to re-start diplomacy with Libya."

Got b!tch slapped 700 times.

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