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June 07, 2009


Mandatory pole-dancing classes.

(Thanks to Bob McCarty)


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When a young couple was recently interviewed on China Conversations young newlyweds Noitwonfitcya and Elnoucanthavitennytwodey they said the idea of sex troubled them

Is this the Singapore version of the Onion? Say those "names" out loud, slowly.

We need two incomes in expensive Singapore. i-tunes is upping its rates for applications and besides sex just meeses up the sheets and interrupts our social networking time. Nowhere in Singapore’s list of hobbies do you find sex!”
First of all I really like my ipod but not that much. Second of all, you have to change the sheets sometime. Last of all isn't sex a type of social networking?

The last sentence of the article is "Happy April 1st."

That just proves, Carrie, that some of us on this blog, including myself, have short attention spans and don't read articles to the end.

At least the Hobbies they show in the graph have decent, social applications.

Like 'Talking Like a Pirate: 50.4% '

Great AFD article!

Errr... you do realise that this country bans bar-top dancing, pole dancing and porn? READ TO THE BOTTOM.

cindy, I'll guilty of not going past the headlines sometimes. I shoulda taken the Evelyn Woodhead Speed Reading course.

I'll = I'm

If I had a choice between this and high school physics... well... it would have been a tough call.

Ah, the internets. No April Fool's joke so outrageous that it won't be taken seriously in June.

Note: Happy April 1st

Note: The interviewees names.

Note: The listed hobbies.

Note: The source (Bob McCarty)

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