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June 10, 2009




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I'm gusssing someplace where a male waiter will never show you pictures of his wife and kids...

Somehow, the Financial District of SanFran doesn't strike me a Dave's kind of place. The RocketBoats off of Pier 39, yes.

I know, I know....you're in England! You're at the home of British Intelligence, where the name is Bong, James Bong.

*sorry that I missed a 4:20 post by a minute*
*sets out afternoon snacks*

It's no fun guessing when any Tom, Dick or Harry can Google "James Bong Buidling" and find out everything you never needed to know about the buidling. Then again, the mobile tracking GPS device that I had judi secretly implant in Dave's scalp takes some of the guess work out of it too. Nevermind.

Is it a high rise?

Enjoy a Bong and then go watch the seals on the Wharf! Watch out for the guy who jumps out at you from behind a tree branch he's holding and then demands money!

"He Bongs, He Bongs!"

Bonged Wharf Seals WBAGNFARB

It's a beautiful building but since I'm a dudette and not a dude I suppose I shouldn't be guessing that it is in San Francisco. It looks like a great place to have tea.

Try the BLT expresso creme donuts. I hear they're a local favorite.

How about a bong and Bangkok?

With that level of purple arche-torture I was going to guess you were near the Prince Estate in Minneapolis.

So what's your favorite Prince song Sharkie?

Is that a joint appearance with Michael Phelps?

Dave's in The City that was actually cool enough to have named an intersection after me.

Well, okay, it might have been before me, but still...

*crosses out guess of Hong Kong*

Is it...San Francisco?

It seems like a happy place.

Next stop, Chinatown.....

El Kabong strikes again.


Hashbury cannot be far away.

Kingston, mon.

Bongor Maine?
Bong Kong, China?
Bongston, Massachusetts?

HQ of the GIA. Gay Intelligence Agency.

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