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June 14, 2009


And we guarantee you that Dad does not want this.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Think I'll pass on that one.

Won't it still make noise when you flush? I'm assuming that men do flush afterwards no matter what position you're in.

The illustrations used were left over from the 'tea without noise' product.

I still don't think peeing into the teapot and then pouring it into the toilet is going to make many points with anyone.

I think you missed the concept Meanie.

That might work in order to get one's bowels into an appropriate shape at a handicapped public toilet.

Why is your mother-in-law standing right behind you at 2 AM?

This looks like it was designed by certain residents of San Francisco, IYKWIM and NTTIAWWT

Lol meanie x 2.

Reminds me of that scene from Goodbye Columbus where Richard Benjamin meets Ali McBeal's Mantovani-loving brother.

Doesn't the potted geranium work just as well?

Why is my geranium wilted?

♫ I'm a little peeteacup, short and stout...♬

But if you've had a bit more than "six glasses of beer", this device might come in handy as you're calling Ralph in Europe on the big porcelain phone, in which case you have probably already asked your mother-in-law to pull your finger.

And what is she doing on your date anyway?

One of the best websites of the millennium so far for kneel-peeing I've ever seen! The only one, really. Not expecting any others, in fact.


- Soothing pink color to attract those heavy drinkers

- Manly short-spout teapot metaphor to inspire confidence

- "Beating out Mother-In-Law in race to the head upon 2 AM return from drinking date" scenario to confuse nearly everyone

- Golden showers of swooshing sparkles to magically sanitize bathroom

I could go on and on, but I'll be quiet now. Well, after suggesting they seek an endorsement from Kevin Nealon, stand-up comic.

This is freakin' moronic!

Why not just sit, especially after six or more beers? Despite what they say you are a lot less likely to splash the seat that way.

Hurl Without Tile Grout Marks would be catchier . . .

They rejected the first name, the "Pee Without Dignity Stool".

I'm with Clown Puppy, on this one. This device is clearly best utilized when saying hello to Ralph, or buying a Buick.

Looks like that guy is wearing his wife's slippers, taking a Knee without Poise.

All well and good, but I like to play the bongos, set off fireworks and yodel when I pee. How's this device going to affect that ?

This is going to cause some confusion at your local confessional.

Mike, you'll know you're truly drunk if you kneel on this thing, cross yourself, and say "Forgive me Father for I have sinned" before you pee. Or worse if you do all that in the confessional.

I appreciate the sentiment behind this product, but the problem of loud pee is easily solved in two steps:

(1) Sit down to pee (NOTE: Be sure to aim urinary outlet nozzle in a downward fashion!)

(2) Direct stream to the side of the bowl, where it will noiselessly mingle with the water therein, and voila! You're good to go.

Better choice; get a urinal. It only costs about 300 bucks. Mounted at the proper height, it causes less noise, less splash, and no arguments about the toilet seat. It also uses less water per flush. We’ve had one for 15 years. It has the added benefit of letting everyone know, after I am gone, that a man once lived in this house. Why should a man’s home be the only place that does not have a men’s room?

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