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June 09, 2009


Dad wants a robot spy snake.


(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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sure that isnt walter with a coat on?????

2 smacks with a shovel and it's history.

cindy, exactly. they need a robo spy puppy.

*zaps in*

Hi all! Bye all!

*zaps out*

*grabs for Siouxie - darn, she's too quick*

Note that it matches camo trousers...


How can you arch anything straight?

What's with the Photoshop-looking blobs across the center of the photo?

I dunno about other people, but if I'm in the desert with a gun and I see a snakelike creature, I'm going to shoot first and asssssk questions later.

Dad already has a sneaky snake. Don't encourage him.

Robot Spy Snake WBAGNFARB.

I don't think it's kosher.

I predict the >idiots< writers at 24 will work this in next season. I think we should have a contest and name it. I think Buddy is already taken.

Just keep it the heck away from my wife!

What time is the bris ?

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