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June 18, 2009


Tactical Corsets

(Thanks to Braniff)


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"MILSPEC features"? MILSPECs are just, well, specs the industry uses to set parameters for stuff. Uh-oh, my geek is showing...

Oh, and after seeing the picture, I was disappointed to learn that bullets didn't shoot out of the frontal area.

Brace for Twitterstorm...

Yeah, twits from all over will be on this one.

A. dump the hat
B. dump the clown stockings
C. dump the goofy skirt, including the one the guy is wearing.
D. Why can't Chloe or Freckles start wearing one of these?

Love it. Does it come in pink??

OK, I admit I am not, and never was, man enough to face any woman wearing one of those.

Dating a woman with this might require kevlar condoms.

Awesome!! (I'd still volunteer to help with the laces, though...)

3 questions:

1. Guys, do your pants have "built-in kneepads"? Mine don't
2. Why is the guy in the first picture wearing a skirt? Maybe it's a kilt. Perhaps this is a Scottish thing.
3. What is "kikcing ass"? Is that the ancient druidic spelling?

OK, it was 4 questions...

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