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June 18, 2009


It has reached Canada.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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I saw this on the news and was just going to send it in.

The Knife-Wielding Gorillas WBAGNFARB, obviously.

PS - weather update: it has finally mostly stopped after another 2+ inches (monthly total so far: 7.50 inches) so they should be able to play golf tomorrow before the rain returns Saturday.

Meanwhile, Seattle has had 30 straight days of dry weather.

And so-called Homeland Security does nothing...

/end update

He only put down the knife to look for a block of ice big enough to carve into a figure of either Charlton Heston or the Statue of Liberty.

Jeff: so I can put building the ark on hold for now?


* Taking animals 2 by 2 - Frisks gorillas for concealed weapons *

The zoo keepers call it "human error", but I bet the animals call it "attempted gorilla slaughter" and "fish murder".

eh. Butt can they hold a machete??? hmmmmmmmmmm?

I wish I didn't live there... but I do...

Gorilla warfare?

When gorillas with knives are outlawed...
Only outlaws will have gorillas with knives??

Just hand over the banana and no-one will get hurt.

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