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June 09, 2009


We missed it.


(Thanks to Horace LaBadie)


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I'm blue with envy.

"Smashed in Swansea" would be a good name... oh, nevermind.

Was Meanie there?


It's kind of amazing to see so many single people in one place.

Rebecca Oatley, of Jokers' Masquerade, said: "Smurf Guinness World Record holder has become an illustrious title."

I've been to Swansea. Believe me, other than their claim to fame being the Home Town of Catherine Zeta-Jones there is not that much going on.

Is it

The world record for the largest number of people dressed as Smurfs has been smashed in Swansea.

or is it

The world record for the largest number of people dressed as Smurfs and smashed in Swansea.


Ok, the blue body paint I could find, the little white overalls, check, but where did they find those HATS? Somebody MAKES those? In adult sizes?

"So according to your resume' it says you were formerly employed by the Guiness corporation at their records division. Could you explain to me what duties were involved with your position of Cerulean Tabulation Engineer?"

What color does a smurf turn if you choke it?

same color as if it freezes...

i think i saw more than one female smurf, so it can't be accurate!

Next week: How many Smurfs in Snuggies can you run over withjam into a volkswagon.

Do they advertise these events as Blue Balls?

Looks like a Blue Klux Klan rally. Blue people wake up!

The event was organised by UK fancy dress costume seller Jokers' Masquerade and was not verified until 1am as every "Smurf" had to be checked to make sure no natural skin was showing.

So if part of their skin was naturally blue, it didn't count?

Kev, I think they were required to dye their varicose veins pink.

I've never been told that I'm psycho psychic, but I have the strangest premonition that the new blog advertised on the sidebar, "maybeyoushouldntbuythat.com," is going to feature prominently in future posts here...

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