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June 10, 2009


JERUSALEM - An Israeli woman mistakenly threw out a mattress with $1 million inside, setting off a frantic search through tons of garbage at a number of landfill sites, Israeli media reported Wednesday.The woman told Army Radio that she bought her elderly mother a new mattress as a surprise on Monday and threw out the old one, only to discover that her mother had hidden her life savings inside.

(Thanks to Nzeno and Jonathan)


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For her part, Anat said it could be worse. "People have to take everything in proportion and thank God for the good and the bad," she said.

Uh, don't blame this one on Me.

As much as I hate to sound like a certain male blogger named Jeff, I also sent this in today at 12:30 pm. I would be tearing some landfills up to find this. No offence Jeff.

I have learned from the constant rejection NEVER to send anything in.

Oh, and I only keep nickels in my mattress.

*ouch, my back*

Her mother will sleep much better tonight.

I didn't send it, cindy.

I did see her on the news, roaming through a massive landfill (which WBAGNFARB).

I bet she had some laughs in between whacking mom around the head.

On the plus side, she was probably pre-barfed-out by the time she had to do any landfill digging. I know I would be if I had tossed $1M.

Talk about disinheriting yourself!

Homeless man: [Yawns] Ah, morning already. How'd you sleep?

2nd homeless man: Like a million bucks!

Ye did what with me money?

One thing I'm curious about. I recently bought 2 new mattresses. My old ones were absolutely worn out. I shuffled mattresses around for 2 days and by the time I was done placing everything where I wanted it everybody in the neighborhood knew I had new ones because they saw me and my help going in and out the door with them. So where was her Mom when she was removing the old mattress? Generally those aren't small and easily removed without someone seeing them.

The whole story sounds rather Sealy to me.

Denver called. They want their mattress back.

Guess Mom lost her memory foam.

Aren't mattresses FDIC insured?

So much for the theory of safe-keeping in a mattress.

I smell something fishy. Unless she had the money in one $1 million bill, how heavy would that thing had to have been? Even if it was all in bills (and I would hope so), it would have not only weighed a ton, but it should have been bulging. Nobody noticed as they were hauling it out?? I'm guessing she had a lot less than a million $.

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