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June 18, 2009


Carty has been busy.

(Thanks to Rob Johnson)


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Well, I imagine someone with the name Carty Finkbeiner has some big chip on his shoulder.

A true pacifist.

Maybe Dave can put Mayor Finkbeiner in touch with Judge Webster J. Tuberhonker to get some legal advice about this.

He may be a weasel, but I gotta respect an old dude jumping into a neighborhood fight like that.

Mr. Finkbeiner told The Blade he never touched Ms. Smithers, but only raised his cup - a Styrofoam cup, he said, half-filled with tea - in her direction.

I'm sure that Ms. Smithers would argue that the cup was half-empty.

Boy, Carty makes Mike Bloomberg look dull.

OK, he is dull, but that's a separate issue.

I did love Carty's appearance on youtube.

"C'mere, Fatso!"

Now that's class.

I think he can cross off any overweight people voting for him in the future.

And on the same website, there's a gawd-awful picture of someone's fat gut "before and after" shown in an ad.

cindy, I'm sure that's a nice chunk of his constituency.

Those comments are Flab-bergasting.

Old school, political imperfection will not do in the new order.

Carty, Carty, Carty.....

No one has commented about Alex Rodriguez yet. Let me fix that.

"Hey, Carty, I got yer gravel driveway right here!"

I was gonna comment on A-Rod. But since oneblankspace beat me to it, I'll just say:

Carty, Carty bo Barty
Banana fanna fo Farty
Fe fi mo Marty

Fatso is a little crude. Blubberbutt would have been more polite.

I'll tan his hide if he comes after my Bobby like that, I tell you what...!

Carty Finkbeiner is a great American.

"He arrived in Tampa yesterday along with 30 volunteers to audition Toledo to be named an All-America City again."

... because nothing says All-American like name-calling, right?!?!

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