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June 29, 2009


Utah Officials Warn TV Viewers Not To Shoot Their Old TV Sets

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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I'll give my old TV a 20 second head start before I shoot it. I think that's fair.

OOPS! i may have to join the witless protection program. and i don't even live in Utah. but i do live in a four letter word state, and i grew up in the other, and shot a few old tvs there.

Can I rough it up a little bit?

how about waterboarding it?

There is nothing more dangerous than a wounded TV set.

*Donates old TV to CJ*

So I guess we can rule out Elvis hiding out in Utah.....

I plan to subject mine to hours of Barry Manilow music. That's ok, right?

I had an aunt that always shot her old TV's. She had heard that you had to do it so the radiation wouldn't build up and cause the TV to explode. She was my favorite aunt but did have some unusual ideas. She was also an excellent shot.

An old, but little-known Bob Marley song, "I shot the TV, but I didn't shoot the stereo."

What? Not even in self defense?

I didn't like the way it was looking at me.

I shot the TV
But I did not shoot the DVD...

Oops, sorry, Horace. Your post wasn't there last I looked.

I only shot the TV after my 5-year-old got sucked into it.... because she was pretty annoying and now we can get a puppy!

*snorks* at Horace and the Duckster.

It costs up to seven grand to dispose of a shot up TV? What are they doing, restoring it to mint condition? And does this apply to other shotup things? What if I shot up these old items: my printer? fridge? washing machine? computer? And the extra expense is because they have to get the lead out for recycling?

Aussie Girl - You should go agter your printer with a baseball bat, a la "Office Space". ("PC Load Letter? What the hell does that mean?")

Personally, I just take my old TVs out into the country and let them loose on a farm where they will have a nice home.

This is what happens when 24 stops airing.

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