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June 15, 2009


Yes, this was wrong. But also kind of cool.


(Thanks to Jeff Nicholas)


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Does Amazon® stock these? I want one for my front yard.

I love it! Too bad the guy looks like a thief in his mug shot.

Considering that every road here in NC is covered in these orange barrels I'm surprised they noticed any were gone! I'm beginning to think that our real state motto is "Road Work Ahead". I think this is very cool and he did a great job.

We were warned of this months ago.

The guy who built this got arrested for it, according to The Smoking Gun.

He should be sentenced to making more of these. It looks like it could be a very convincing detour sign.

The next KAWS or Banksy, I'm guessing. Soon everything he makes will be selling for a million bucks.

If he could only harness that talent for good. They should pay him for actually making those ugly cones interesting.

The construction company should just sell it - that would make up for the so-called damages.


I like.

You speed I eat you car. RawwwwR

I'd pay Mr. Carnevale to make a "monster" to set beside I-75's south Georgia section, arguably the world's longest-running road construction project. Talk about your orange (pork) barrels.

It's all innocent fun till somebody puts an eye out (by driving off a cliff.) I'm just confused about one thing--is he wearing a crossing guard thing on his chest or is that a bra?

Seems like this is more effective than just a row of more barrels.... I agree they should hire him.

I've seen statues that the state or county paid thousands of dollars to put in parks that were called "art," and none of the statues were as clever or interesting as this creation. I guess there is some difference between "destruction" and "art," but I sure don't know what it is!

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