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May 14, 2009


Guys are big fans of nature.


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*snork* @ PEER!

So. How long before this hits Slashdot?

I've noticed that every couple of days /. gets a story that ran here first...

Must be a different kind of peter principle in play.

"mommy ,why is there yellow steam coming from the geyser?"

You know, some people need to hear the sound of running water in order to be able to go.... Maybe these guys have an extreme case of that condition.

If they want to pee on a national treasure, what's wrong with Joe Biden ?

If only Old Faithful had been a few minutes early this once...

PEER catches Pee-ers

The guys worked for the "Park Concessaire" -- which of course requires that we ask if the gentlemen washed their hands before returning to work.

Too bad one of these wasn't around.

This is really, really, really stupid. The ground there is brittle, and is hot to the touch. Break through that, and all your problems are over.

This is really, really, really stupid. The ground there is brittle, and is hot to the touch. Break through that, and all your problems are over.

If only Old Faithful had been a few minutes early this once...

Posted by: Allen at Division | May 14, 2009 at 01:37 PM

Steamed wiener!

Wouldn't want to be the park guide leading the next tourist group through.

"Strange, the geyser usually smells like sulfur, but today it smells like asparagus."

Finally! Now I understand what "live streaming video" means.

ha! serve 'em right if the long anticipated mega volcano picked that moment to blow Yellowstone sky high...

They were just part of a wolf pack.

Yes we do love guys. But we don't really understand this need to pee on interesting things.

"Yo - I got your geyser right here!"

Which one of the guys was holding the beer?

NotSherl...it's just like dogs -they need to mark their territory. It's a wonder they don't pee on their wimmin. (unless they're asked)(a LOT WWT).

And Sherl, it's not just interesting things. It's pretty much everything.

I'm going to stick up for the guys here. Yes they have their faults, as we do, but what on earth would we ever do without them?

I don't have any burning desire to pee into Old Faithful.Could it be that I've failed at some guy thing?

Change our own light bulbs, cindy?

So then, it's not just the alcohol involved, Siouxie and Jmon?
*tries to imagine the need to pee everywhere*
Oh, it must be like pregnancy.
(Ron, the fact that you don't have any burning is a good thing.)

Just follow the yellow line in the snow to rons' house.

Take a left at the dead moose next to the overpass.

We aren't really, Dave . . .

I knew an amazingly attractive woman who wanted to be considered one of the boys. So I asked her, "Did you ever climb a water tower?"
"Did you pee off it?"
(Pause) "You win."

Too bad one of these didn't show up. Morons.


Yes, I've been there.

And yes, I waited until everybody else was gone, then left the walkway.

And yes, I peed in it.

If you have to ask, "Was alcohol involved?", well of course it was involved! Do you have any idea how cold it is up there? You don't just dig through all of those clothes to expose (fill in pet name) in that climate, unless you need to make room for the next beer. Silly non-inebriated, non-Guys.

I'm betting a few years ago these guys were asking cops in their had any grass.

Slinks in®

Pee brains.

TMI ALERT!!!! (I mean WAAAAY TMI ALERT!) I wish I could claim some connection to Old Faithful, but anymore my prostate is the approximate size AND shape of New Jersey. (For Cindy's eyes only, YES, sometimes I DO stand in front of the urinal saying, "Be the geyser!")

Should we call it a guyser now?



Remind me never to go on a road trip with you.

It's guys like this....
....beer guzzling,
....outdoors loving,
....true aiming guys....
who gave us the Grand Canyon.

This is a *snork* free zone.

I have friends who worked as rangers at Old Faithful for years, and had to deal with idiots like these. There is also a group of "geyser gazers" that watch the other geysers and have been known to toss various substances in to try to trigger eruptions. Rocks are a big no-no, pee and beer are ineffective, and dry ice may work, but leave you parboiled. The Federal Magistrate at the park does not suffer fools gladly. If you want to pee in a fountain, don't do it where they will make a federal case out of it. Nobody would notice in New York or Miami.

*THWACK* at frodolives. I've been told a THWACK is a supper hard SMACK. snork@meanie which means I've totally ignored Dr.Doug's rule and Ralph, I have never peed in Old Faithful and I promise I never will.

I have however placed one too many 'p's in super.


When the article indicated that one of them "dropped a rock" into the basin, I wasn't certain whether or not they were just using a euphemism...

I'd suggest that Al "Geyser" Gore was the inspiration for these parkgoers. You may recall the former VPee used the "iced tea defense" last millennium during investigations into the use of some political donations. By dint of strategic trips to the bathroom he became (in my estimation) Peer Of The Realm.

That means the geyser is spewing some nasty steam. Urine hot water now.

Overpass,Punkin? We barely have two lanes here.It will be a long time before a need for an overpass develops in this neck of the woods.

The dead moose is like the dead skunk;in the middle of the road.

T-blitz.... I believe they passed a kidney stone

Poor ron. Shovels snow all winter and dead moose the rest of the year. I wonder if he's thought about moving someplace a little less outdoorsy? Jazzzz I believe we're the only two bloggers up this morning.


How you possibly try to turn this story into a Clinton/Gore-bashing fest? The 1990s are past and the the 20-aughts are almost over. Think up something new already.

00:43 Clown Puppy, I have been accused of many dastardly deeds in my lifetime, and rightly so. But not in this instance. I did indeed take the mildest of pokes at the former VPOTUS's beverage habits, plus I mentioned some neutral and fairly uncontroversial bits of historical fact to establish the context. But those wouldn't rise to the level of a bash. And a fest of bashes? I'm pretty sure that would require more than one.

10:32 You may note that I expressed neither disapproval nor approval of Mr. Gore's policies or even choice of potables, nor weighed in on whether the funds investigation was good, bad, Klingon tactics, or standard practice in politics.

10:35 Commercial

11:19 I've long thought Peer Of The Realm is a hilarious phrase that doesn't get enough use in this country, except on those rare occasions when the bathroom activities of politicians make the news. I'd have done the same for Cheney, but apparently hunting doesn't make him thirsty.

12:05 In case it slipped your attention, no Clintons were harmed in my previous post. Nor, um, even mentioned.

12:44 FWIW, I call this decade the Naughties.

*BLOOP BLEEP SNORK* @ dances!!!

Good job dances! You're very smart!

Kewl, Dances!

Thanks Siouxie! And nursecindy, too (although I think you left off the word 'assaleck')!


My Park Service friends tell me that "...according to gossip, these idiots had just left an employee orientation seminar that included resource protection admonishments."

That sounds like some of the orientation seminars I have been to, where the admonishments are mostly alcoholic.

Gee, it took private citizens to call in and wake up the Park administrators, who called and woke up the law enforcement Rangers, who finally put down their coffee cups and gameboys and sauntered over to see if anything was happening. Good thing these jerks weren't NPS staff; the paperwork for transferring them to another Park would have been a bitch.

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