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May 20, 2009



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But...they didn't even mention you, Dave, in your own newspaper! WTF is up with that?

I see pypetad is still eliminating the italics (which WBAGNFA Fox reality show).

But where do they bang?

He bangs, he bangs....

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Soft and adorable. Exactly.

Pretty pretty bang bangs.

Zac Efron + Chace Crawford + Pete Wentz + Johnny Depp + Owen Wilson = Gang Bang


Of course, i meant 'Bang Gang'

Does a bowl actually have bangs, though?

*readies to be punted from DB fan club*

Zac Efron? Ashton Kutcher? I can think of a real man who's been sporting bangs for decades: Mr. Spock.

Bangs, we don't need no stinkin' bangs. We ain't got no stinkin' hair for no stinkin' bangs.


http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/42369000/jpg/_42369473_flintstonespair300.jpg = URL


Moe Howard!

I think Judi turned off html to prevent people like me from linking to pictures of Barry Manilow.

Like this one:

Dave, I think you and I should be incensed at the notion that it stops at age 40... Or I should be, and when you reach that age, let me know...

Next up in the Herald's Fashion Supplement: "Men Who Own Oosiks and the Women Who Love Them" (the men, not the oosiks).

wiredog are you trying to get smacked again today??? As for the bangs... I think men who wear bangs are cute. Especially if they wear blue shirts. IYKWIM.

I think most people still prefer a mullet.

Zac Efron and Adam Lambert, The Jonas Brothers? REAL men???? I don't think Tiger Beat readers can comment on manliness since they have no frame of reference.

So Sharkie. How are those bangs you're growing coming along?

Exactly! Who says men have to be manly?!

steve(), I tried nipping the "mullet" thing in the bud a few threads ago... can we PULL-EEZE not go there?

My bad, steve(), next thread, but still...

I am growing them out Cindy, but now I need to buy longer underwear.

No pictures Sharkie?  Darn.

Oh good GOD. No pictures, please!

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