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May 21, 2009


(Thansk to trustf8)


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that is all.

Time for a general erection.

arent you supposed to alert the media or something if it lasts more than 4 hours?

*fights urge for bad Asian dialect joke - wrestles self to ground*

"...ability to offer immediate door-to-door service..."

Who could ask for anything more?

Old truckers never die...they just get a new Peterbilt.

(by the way...avoid the bacon cheeseburger at the Burger King off I-65 in Rensselaer [IN]...where I first saw that sign)

Are they trying to drive a semi??

Guess they sell forklifts.

Ahem - long haul or short haul - ahem.

10:36 a.m. *fights urge for bad Asian dialect joke - wrestles self to ground*

I'm wrestling with that one too..(inject dialect)"very bad."

It's the damned Viagra!

I guess they'll need this next..

All Erections, All the time?

They got nothin compared to this company.


They have Steel Erections.

crazy internets were supposed to link to this Page


Anybody done this one yet?

"If you want a steel erection, you need a Peterbilt by our pros."

No? I better slap a copyright on it.

hmmmm... linkage maker broke?

All Erections also boasts 'lift planning'

just sayin'

Doesn't this company always downsize right after they finish a big project?

And then there's Johnson Controls...

How about A.B. Dick, reproduction specialists. Don't know if they are still in business, but I used to laugh at their signs.

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